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PleasPlease is an all-request band performing songs demanded by music fans in the North Alabama area. The off-kilter pleasPlease experience features the show's host, Jonny ReQuest, the Shadowy Announcer, Fanta Orange (Va-Va-Va-Voom!), the dancing Pleasniks and the smoke-free cigarette girl, Louise Please.

Flat suit for 2-dimensional segment
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←Flat suit for shocking 2D effects

Latest Release→

←Fanta Orange

Latest Release

To submit your very own request, send the name of the song to with the subject line "Please Hear My Plea" and include a short paragraph explaining why pleasPlease should play it.

Dancing Pleasniks

Jonny ReQuest→

←Dancing Pleasniks

Jonny ReQuest

Louise Please→

Shadowy Announcer→

Louise Please
Photography by Nolan Cash, Stephen Moss, Grace Billiter, Corry Lee Smith, Teresa Fitzpatrick, pleasPlease. Logo by Alan Savana.